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I have been married to my best friend, Dennis for over 34 years.  We have a 22 year old daughter, who is a senior in college.  Kylie recently became engaged to the love of her life, Jacob. They just moved into their first apartment and got a new puppy named Phoebe. Kylie is loving living in her own place and I’m so proud of her, seeing her take care of her home and and doing all of her own cooking. She is always looking for new recipes to try and and enjoys making them for Jacob.  Dennis and I have a spunky, six year old German Shepard named Remington, he could play all day … and does.  Dennis and I enjoy spending our free time together going to the movies, reading, taking walks on the beach and just being together. We also love to take a ride along the beautiful San Diego coast. Since Kylie is now out on her own, I’m enjoying trying new dishes to make for just two. That being said, I love when her and Jacob come for dinner.

There is nothing I love more than entertaining in my home and cooking for others. Sharing my table with friends and family feeds my soul with so much heartfelt joy. So many great conversations come together at the dinner table and great memories are made there.  I enjoy spending time in my backyard flower garden, walking for exercise and reading. I belong to a book club that I started with my neighbor, Laura. I also try to follow along on Jenna Bush Hager’s and Reese Witherspoons’ book clubs. I enjoy my social club and our dinner club. Friends definitely fill my heart with love and joy. I look forward to my daily walk, my time in the garden with my flowers and decorating. Doing our ironing allows me to catch up on my favorite cooking shows and watch my favorite celebrity t.v. chefs (Ina Garten (the Barefoot Contessa), Ree Drummond (the Pioneer Woman), and Nancy Fuller (Farmhouse Rules) I enjoy learning from them all)!  I hope to pass on what I learn from these amazing women.  I’ll always mention in my blog who inspired a certain recipe. Most of my recipes I come up with on my own while walking. It seems to be the time I can be my most creative.





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  1. Joan Beguelin says:

    Hi Kris, your favorite TV personalities are mine too. Love to cook and will enjoy your blog, very nice, take care Joan Beguelin


    1. Hi Joan! Thank you so much. There is nothing I love more than cooking for friends and family. It brings me great joy to share this love with everyone. I’m glad you’re enjoying. I’m hoping to post something new in the next day or so. -Kris


  2. Judy kosidowski says:

    Love your blog ,I to watch the same cooking
    Shows.I know your mother and you two
    Girls from long ago.

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    1. Of course I remember you! And your boys and daughter. I’m so happy you are enjoying my blog. My Mom said you and her ran into each other a couple months ago. She was really happy to see you. It’s so funny, I haven’t had a chance to watch all my shows this summer. Once Kylie’s back in school, I’ll be less busy and can keep up. :). Have a great day, Judy!!


  3. Gina McSweeney says:

    Kris!~This is amazing, you are truly talented! I am going to start on some of these recipes right away 🙂


    1. Thank you Gina! I hope you enjoy them! Incoming a big French feast for my book club tonight. I chose a biography about Coco Chanel so I’m tying French food in the theme. I even have Chanel samples for the ladies.


    2. Thank you so much Gina! Next time you’re in town, we’ll have you and Matt over for dinner!!


  4. La Rae says:

    Hi Kris!! I love all your recipes! It is wonderful to see you share your passion with everyone. Your love for cooking and people shines through in your every word/post/blog! Looking forward to more of your amazing dishes.


    1. Thank you so much, LaRae! I’m glad you are enjoying reading the blog. I love to cook for people and entertain, it’s my favorite thing to do. I wish we lived nearby each other still, I would cook for you all the time! You are the one that taught me to make ribs in the slow cooker, yum!
      I’ve been away from my blog for a couple of weeks, back on today. We were in Hawaii, so fun!


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