Breakfast of Champions


Good Morning Friends!  You can usually find me on any given morning at our local Einstein’s Bagel shop with my husband.  We enjoy going for a bagel and coffee each morning to get our day started.  Dennis always says, this assures us we are on a date each and every day.  We can chat about what our day is going to bring, what we need to accomplish, and sometimes our dreams for the future.  I love going to Einstein’s because, not only do I get a chance to just hang out with Dennis before he heads to work, but we also run into friends there.  Sometimes every day!  Cristina and Uli are our friends from softball.  They enjoy going to Einstein’s almost every morning, just like us.  Then, there are the friends we’ve made at Einstein’s.  We get to see Ty several mornings a week.  He is such a nice gentleman and we enjoy chatting with him, too, when we see him.  Sometimes, Ty brings his adorable Mom, Sue. It is always a pleasure to see Sue as well.

This morning, however, I really wanted to get a few things done at home before I meet my friend, Ethel, at the park for our weekly walk.  I decided I’d make myself eggs, over easy.  I love pepper and use far more pepper than salt, on my own food.  I did add a bit of sea salt on the eggs while cooking them.  I grew up with my Dad always reminding us to “put down the salt shaker, you don’t need extra salt”.  I remember this and to this day, don’t add table salt to my food.  I do cook with kosher salt every day though.  I also top eggs with with Chia and Flax Seed Whole Grain toast topped with organic raw coconut butter and one slice of bacon.  I enjoyed this with a cup of decaf coffee and I now feel ready to face the day.  I’m surely looking forward to my walk with my dear friend.  As Ethel calls herself “your favorite Latin friend”.  She is right, she is my favorite Latin friend.  If you knew Ethel, you’d say she is your favorite Latin friend too.

Have a lovely day, everyone!

Until next time, Kris


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