Egg White and Turkey Bacon Breakfast Burrito


This was a no-frills, plain breakfast burrito.  Just the way I wanted it this morning. I wanted a really healthy and light breakfast.  I have lots to do today so wanted my breakfast to be fast and I wanted it to be easy, but flavorful.  I had already gone for my daily walk for exercise up at the park.  Dennis and Remington were already at the park running and I was going to meet them there. When they finish running, they join me in my walk.  Remington was so excited to see me when he rounded the corner.  He was having the time of his life.  It was like he was completely airborne … I love seeing him so happy, out with his Dad for their daily run.  Dennis, of course, was having the time of his life too.  He thanks Remington every morning for the gift of good health.  Dennis believes that a) having a dog extends a person’s life and b) a dog needs exercise and the owner is the one to take them out for their daily exercise, which in turn, provides the owner exercise and good health.

As far as my burrito goes, it was really healthy.  I didn’t want anything added to my breakfast burrito in the way of salsa, butter or sauce.  I wanted it plain.  I scrambled four egg whites with a half a jalapeño and added two tablespoons of fat free mozzarella cheese.  I cooked two slices of turkey bacon and put this all together in a flour tortilla.

This was nice and light.  The egg whites have 17 calories each, the jalapeño has 2 calories in a half jalapeño, the fat free mozzarella comes in at 45 calories, the turkey bacon is 30 calories per slice. I had two, so that is 60.  The tortilla is 120 calories.  The entire breakfast was 344 calories. I feel this was quite light and healthy … very satisfying.

If you wanted to add salsa to your breakfast burrito, you surely could.  I like salsa in a breakfast burrito sometimes, but mostly I just like to taste the flavor of the egg whites, turkey bacon and jalapeño.  Sometimes, I like my tortilla with butter on it.  I believe this comes from spending time in Mexico vacationing with friends.  We were out on the beach early one morning and a woman was selling freshly made tortillas.  We bought them and took them back to the house we were renting and ate them with nothing but butter spread on the tortilla.  This was pure heaven!  We looked for that same woman every day on the beach from that day forward.  We used to have so much fun when we’d head to Puerto Penasco (otherwise known as Rocky Point).  Some of our best memories were spent with our friends, Louis and LaRae in Rocky Point.


  • 1 flour tortilla
  • 4 egg whites
  • 2 slices turkey bacon
  • 1/2 jalapeño, diced (seeds and membrane removed …if you wish)
  • 2 tablespoons fat free mozzarella cheese


Cook your turkey bacon.  I cooked mine in the microwave for 3-1/2 minutes.  Scramble egg whites in a small skillet using non-stick cooking spray.  Add jalapeños to skillet and add your cheese at the last minute so it can slightly melt.  Lay the cooked turkey bacon on the bottom middle of your tortilla. Spoon the egg mixture on top of the bacon and fold your burrito together.  Enjoy!

Until next time, Kris



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