Hoping to Feel a Little Like Audrey Hepburn


It has been on my cooking bucket list to make a soufflé for quite some time. The idea of it does scare me a bit. I watch every show of Ina Garten’s, even if I’ve seen them before. I’ve watched her make a soufflé so many times and she makes it look easy. I can do this, I know I can!

A little over a month ago, my sister-in-law, Kelly, came to visit with her two daughters, my lovely nieces, Angela and Crista. We had such a wonderful time. While Kelly and I were out shopping, I came across a book (at Home Goods of all places to find a good book!) written by Audrey Hepburn’s son, Luca Dotti. The title is “Audrey at Home”. I looked through the book and told Kelly “I think I have to have this book. I absolutely love Audrey Hepburn.” She agreed that it was something I definitely needed, so I bought it. I’ve been enjoying reading this “cookbook”. It is made up of stories of Audrey, favorite recipes written by her, and pictures – some that had not yet been published before this book. I love that each chapter is a story that ends in a favorite recipe! My goal when I bought this cookbook was to choose a recipe every couple weeks that I could try and blog for all of you, with Audrey’s recipe attached. I highly recommend this wonderful book to everyone that loves Audrey and everyone that loves to try a new recipe.

I just adore all things Audrey, especially a great pair of “cigarette” pants and a fabulous black turtleneck, of which I own several. I am a firm believer that a girl can never own too many black turtlenecks and a girl can never own too much cashmere. I’m happy to report I found the perfect pair of shoes to accompany these items the other night at J. Crew. They reminded me of Audrey, so I purchased them immediately … possibly on impulse – but, I will wear them while making my soufflé. I promise I’ll turn the oven on when making the soufflé. 😉 Remember the movie Audrey starred in called “Sabrina”? She forgot to turn the oven on for her soufflé in cooking class.


The other night, Dennis and I were at Fashion Valley shopping while Kylie was out. I found the shoes, which was a great surprise! I was actually heading there for a soufflé pan from Sur La Tablé. Knowing there was no way I could make a soufflé without the correct pan, I knew I had to pick one up.


While I was at Sur La Tablé, I got a chance to talk to their chef, Mark. He was a fabulous help in talking me through the perfect soufflé. He even gave me a recipe to go on as a base for my soufflé. There will certainly be a cooking class in my future with Mark as the instructor. He suggested a couple classes and gave me their schedule for the next couple months. I’m hoping I can talk Dennis into taking one of their date night classes with me. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want Dennis to take over in the kitchen … that’s my domain. He is so good at everything he does already, I want the kitchen to remain my little place in the house that is mine and mine alone. The other place I like to claim as my own is my living room with my armoir of books. I love to sit and read in the living room, all by myself. It’s peaceful, I love to look at my neighborhood and my flowers through the windows. My good friend, Jen, once told me she loves being in my living room because no matter where you sit, you are near a window. Her sweet comment has made me a lover of my living room. I can look out the front to see rose trees, or the side to look at my beautiful vine, along with impatience and geraniums. It’s a peaceful place for me, for sure.

In the next couple of weeks, look for a blog post and recipe from me on my upcoming soufflé. I can’t wait to mark this off my cooking bucket list, I can do this … yes, I can.

Until next time, Kris


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