I Discovered a New Cheese at the Market Today


While I was at Ralph’s Grocery Store this morning to pick up Italian sausage for my Thanksgiving stuffing, I stopped at their beautiful cheese counter. I wanted to see if they sold a cheese that I absolutely love and wanted to include on my cheese board for Thanksgiving day. That is not the cheese I “discovered” today, but is called Humboldt Fog Cheese. The kind woman that works in Ralph’s fine cheese department offered to cut a fresh wedge of the Humboldt Fog for me, as they needed to put more out. I did look at the wheel of Humboldt Fog to see what the cost would be for the entire wheel. It was $112 … perfect for a huge party, but way too much for what I needed and there’s no way we could’ve eaten that much cheese before it went bad. Ralph’s in Carmel Valley has the most beautiful cheese department, with a very large selection.

After she handed me the Humboldt Fog, she showed me some other interesting cheeses that they offer. One was the Kentucky Bourbon cheese. This is my new discovery.


They had a few small wedges in a basket. It’s nice to buy a small piece if you aren’t sure you will love it and want to try it out before investing in a larger wedge. This Kentucky Bourbon cheese was so good! I will definitely be heading back to Ralph’s for that larger wedge to include on my cheeseboard for Thanksgiving. The kind woman in Ralph’s cheese department mentioned that you could really taste the Bourbon in this cheese and she was right. It is definitely not overpowering, however, it’s just right.

Ralph’s Grocery Store is part of the Kroger Family. In Arizona, the Kroger store was called Fry’s. I hope there is a Kroger near you, so you can find this cheese and try it!


This cheese tastes wonderful all on it’s own, but would be fantastic on a turkey sandwich. It would also make a wonderful grilled cheese sandwich, yum!

Until next time, Kris


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