Picture Perfect Pastrami


Tonight was sandwich night.  Remington had dog training, one more class to go!  I do believe we’ll be signing up for the next session, however.  He loves seeing his friends on Tuesday nights!  I decided I’d make a pastrami and swiss sandwich on Bavarian Rye bread.  I spread the inside of each slice of bread with dijon mustard, placed a few slices of pastrami on the bread, one slice of Swiss cheese and sauerkraut.  I chose Trader Joe’s sauerkraut, it has chunks of pickles in it and that really added a little something special to this sandwich.  I brushed olive oil on the outside of each slice of bread and put the sandwich on my panini maker. This was a very satisfying sandwich!  Give it a try, I think you’ll like it too.

Until next time, Kris


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