Asian Peanut Noodle Salad by Trader Joe’s


If you are looking for a quick and easy weeknight dinner, Trader Joe’s recipe for Asian Peanut Noodle Salad is a great solution. My daughter and I sampled this when we were last in their store and loved it. This recipe calls for only a few items which is really nice when you just want to have a homemade, fresh dinner and you don’t have a lot of time. Schedules can get so hectic with parents working, kids’ sports and other activities and there are times it seems easier and faster to just run out and grab a quick bite.  I don’t know about you, but I always feel much healthier when I am cooking at home versus eating out.  I know what is going into my recipe and I can control the salt that goes in as well.

When Trader Joe’s was sampling this, they used one package of Capellini noodles, a bottle of their Spicy Asian Peanut Dressing, a half package of shredded carrots, a bottle of Spicy Asian Peanut Dressing and Thai Lime and Chili Cashews.  When I made this tonight, I actually used spaghetti noodles and added chopped cilantro and green onions, a suggestion of theirs, plus a dash of crushed red pepper flakes for a little bit of extra heat.


I am serving this with a simple salad of mixed herb lettuce, grape tomatoes and cucumber.  For the dressing, I started with bottled Ranch dressing and added the zest and juice of one lime for freshness.  I hope you enjoy this wonderful Trader Joe’s recipe.

Asian Peanut Noodle Salad

  • One Package Capellini or Spaghetti Noodles
  • One bottle Asian Style Spicy Peanut Vinaigrette
  • Half Package Shredded Carrots
  • 1/2 cup Thai Lime and Chili Cashews, chopped
  • 1/4 cup Cilantro, chopped
  • 3 Scallions, chopped
  • Crushed Red Pepper Flakes, a pinch

Boil your water for the noodles you choose and while your water is coming to a boil, chop your cashews, carrots (I know they come shredded, but I chopped them into bite size), scallions and cilantro.  Set aside.  Boil your noodles according to the package instructions. When the noodles are done, drain them and put back in the pot.  Mix the ingredients that you set aside into the noodles, add the bottle of vinaigrette and toss.  Enjoy!

Mixed Herb Salad

  • One bag of Herb Salad Mix
  • One carton of grape tomatoes
  • One Scallion
  • 2 Clementines
  • Shredded Carrots

Put the Herb Salad Mix into a bowl.  Halve your grape tomatoes and place on salad greens. Dice the scallion and add to the salad.  Toss a few shredded carrots onto the top and place the segments of two clementines on your salad.  Make sure to sprinkle a bit of kosher salt onto your salad.

Salad Dressing

  • 1/2 cup Bottled Ranch Dressing
  • Zest and Juice of One Lime
  • Zest of 2 Clementines

Pour 1/2 cup of dressing into a bowl.  Zest one lime and two clementines into the dressing. Stir together and serve over salad.

Until next time, Kris


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  1. Sandy McIntyre says:

    I’m going to make this soon! Love that you use TJ stuff so we can easily copy your recipes! Sandy


    1. Thank you, Sandy! I think it would be good with purple cabbage and chicken as well. I love using Trader Joe’s ingredients. I always feel like I’m eating healthy when I use their items 😊.


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