Avocado and Egg


Happy Saturday morning all! Today, Dennis, Kylie and I are headed to the San Diego Wild Animal Park for the day. The company Dennis works for has a special day at the park for the employees and family members. Last year, it was held at the San Diego Zoo.

I wanted to make a quick and healthy breakfast that would give me the energy I’d need to walk around for the next 6-8 hours (or a least until lunch). I also need to have enough energy to run from the oversized birds that reside at the Wild Animal Park …  I have memories (fabulous memories) with my dear friends, Marie and Pam, of the last time I was at the Wild Animal Park. Our kids were in elementary school, now they have headed off to college. Marie, Pam and I were searching for a place to eat lunch with the kids. The biggest bird I’d ever seen was coming my way … oh my. Birds are my biggest fear. This is why I’m going to need lots of energy from my breakfast, should this situation arise once again. I am planning on wearing a bright colored plaid, flannel shirt tied around my waist, to be used as a deterrent, something I can take off and fly like a flag to keep the big birds away from me. Just kidding, I’ll wear my running shoes. Who am I kidding, I’ll also have that shirt tied around my waist … just in case.

This was about the easiest breakfast to prepare. It consisted of two eggs and one small avocado, cut in half. I cooked my eggs sunny side up (because it puts me in a good mood to look at my eggs and feel like they are smiling back at me … sunny, happy) in about a half tablespoon of butter. I sprinkled kosher salt and fresh ground pepper over my eggs. Once they were done, I placed one egg in each half of the avocado. This was so tasty, super satisfying. I think this breakfast also makes the cut for a recipe with under four items for my sister, Cherie.

You can eat a healthy breakfast even when time is short. This took less than 10 minutes to prepare.


Until next time, Kris


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  1. Sounds good. I love to make avocado toast with basted eggs. 🙂

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