Cookbook Book Club, an Idea I’ve had


I belong to three book clubs. Two of those we pick a book, read it and discuss once a month. The other is now called “Book Club, Non-Bookclub, Yak, Chat, Social, Friendship Club”. I love all my book clubs and look forward to each month when we gather to discuss our latest read, share a lovely dinner and glass of wine with one another and just be together. Or perhaps not discuss the latest read, just gather for breakfast at someone’s home and laugh ourselves silly … as is the case in the Social Club. Don’t get me wrong, we definitely laugh and have fun at my other book clubs as well.

I stopped at Barnes & Noble this morning after my nail appointment. It is right across the street from my nail salon and yesterday, was reminded of a cookbook I’d been looking at right before Christmas that I had somehow forgot to go back and purchase. My daughter is dog sitting for our neighbors and I like to walk over with her to say hi to their two wonderful dogs, Harbour and Henry. They are so lovable and sweet.

As they were eating their breakfast yesterday morning, I stood with them and Kylie in Donna’s kitchen and noticed a cookbook she had displayed, open, in a cookbook holder, next to her stove. It had many pages marked, which I loved to see. I told Kylie “This is such a great sight, to see that Donna has so many recipes marked. I love this! I have to look at which cookbook she is using.” I picked it up to look at the cover and realized it was the cookbook I’d been looking at. It is by Good Housekeeping and is called “400 Heart Healthy Recipes and Tips”. I love to read about eating healthy and definitely love reading about heart healthy tips. When I can’t sleep at night, I google articles on how to be my healthiest and how to keep myself young, while aging.

I mentioned to Kylie that I was heading to Barnes and Noble right after my appointment this morning because I didn’t want to miss out on a cookbook I’d been eyeing, especially since I noticed someone who I really and truly respect as a cook (I remember her telling me once she likes to cook) and reader (Donna loves to read as well), reading the cookbook I thought looked so fabulous.

When I walked into Barnes and Noble, I noticed they also had another cookbook by Good Housekeeping called “400 Healthy Recipes”. They were each on the bargain table. One was $9.98 and the other was $7.98. With my Barnes and Noble member discount, an extra 20% off, I paid just over $15 for both of these books. Yay, me!


As I was leaving, I noticed another cookbook on a different bargain table. This one was for desserts under 300 calories and is by Deb Wise, who is a recipe developer for Cooking Light. This cookbook was on sale for $9.98, minus my 20%. I hemmed and hawed a bit, trying to decided if I really needed all three. I googled amazon to check the reviews and they were all very good. Plus, the book is $20 on amazon. I decided I couldn’t be without this one, so bought it as well. I don’t make many desserts, but like the idea that I can make a dessert that I don’t have to feel really guilty enjoying.


I was so happy on the drive home that I was able to buy three cookbooks for just around $20! It’s definitely my lucky day.

On the drive home, I was also thinking about a couple of cookbooks I received for my birthday last week. One is called “The Flavor Bible” and the other is called “Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking”. I was so excited to receive both of these books. I can’t wait to spend time this afternoon looking at them both, along with the other three!


All this thinking about cookbooks, and the reading I was going to do of them this afternoon, got me to thinking about another bookclub I may start.

Wouldn’t it be fun to start a “Cookbook Book Club”?! Everyone could choose a recipe together out of a cookbook of the hostess’ choice and all those in the group would be responsible for bringing some of the ingredients to make that recipe complete. We could get together in the hostess’ kitchen, put the dish together and enjoy it as a group. It could be a Cookbook Book Club Tasting Club! I started a dinner club with a friend of mine, and our group has been going strong for over 11 years. For dinner club, the host and hostess are responsible for making the meal and all that goes along with it.

I’ve heard of other dinner clubs, where everyone pitches in and helps cook. My new cookbook book club would be like that, if I decide to get it off the ground. If I do, I may make it into another blog adventure. I’m going to talk to my good friend, Pam and see if she’s interested in starting this up with me. Pam is an amazing cook and she is a fabulous baker. You can visit her blog, A Tiny Taste of Heaven at She makes homemade marshmallows that are unbelievable.

I think this could be lots of fun! Pam and I were talking about starting another blog together with food adventures. We were thinking of going around town, trying different restaurants and bringing our reviews of those places to you all. That would be a separate blog from the new cookbook book club blog, maybe? Or we could combine them, who knows. You will all be the first to know if I decide to take on this new adventure that came to mind this morning.

I would love to hear back if any of you have thoughts on starting a cookbook book club. I welcome any opinions you all may have.


Until next time, Kris


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