Healthy Egg White, Turkey Bacon, Avocado Omelet


This morning, Dennis was up at the park doing his workout and I met him there with our German Shepard, Remington. Remington loves to run at the park with Dennis and he also loves to walk with me. Dennis has been doing the SealFit workout challenge for the last four weeks or so, and today was a day of testing. I came up with Remington once his testing was done. Dennis took Remy from me to run him a few loops while I started my walk. I love to walk for exercise, running isn’t really my thing. I can walk for miles … in fact, I walked the Carlsbad Half Marathon a few years ago and that was the start of me getting into shape. I’m in better shape now than I was in my thirties.

Today, however, after my first loop, Dennis asked if I was ready to head home. WHAT?! I’ve just completed my first loop. I can’t stop now. Dennis told me not to worry he’d head home and see me there. I told him to run another loop and I’ll just run one so I will feel like I got a good workout in. So I did. I ran. I ran the whole loop. I stopped and walked for a few paces and started right back up again. This, of course, made Dennis’ day because he loves to run more than anything else. I told him not to get too excited, this was just out of necessity for today. Funny thing is, I kind of enjoyed myself. And I felt great. I hope my sister, Cherie, is reading this blog post because she is a big runner. She loves to run.  Cher and Dennis love to running when they are together. Cherie will be so proud of me for running that loop at the park! No, Cher, I did not go on the “luge”.

On the way back home, Dennis asked if I could make him an egg white omelet with avocado and turkey bacon. Part of his SealFit workout is an eating plan with certain things he needs to eat and egg whites are on the menu for this week. I used to eat only egg whites, thinking eggs weren’t good for me. I’d allow myself eggs one day a week, but the other days, only the whites. I do know now, however, that eggs are good for us. I’ve a lot of reading on eating healthy and have seen many articles on the benefits of eggs. In fact, while I was visiting my mom, sister and her family in Wisconsin a couple weeks ago, I watched a segment on the news stating that eating an egg a day can actually reduce your risk of stroke or heart disease. From now on, I’ll definitely add more eggs into my diet. That being said, I do enjoy the taste of an egg white omelet, so was happy to do that for Dennis this morning.

I started with egg whites out of the carton. I usually crack them myself, but since I had them in the carton in our fridge, I wanted to use them up. I sprayed my non-stick pan with non-stick cooking spray and poured my egg whites into the pan. I then sprinkled a pinch of kosher salt and a pinch of pepper over the eggs. I let the egg whites cook until they were starting to firm up.


Meanwhile, I was cooking my turkey bacon in the microwave. Once that was done, I cut it into small pieces to add to the insides of my omelet.


I then folded the omelet in half and removed it to a plate and topped it with sliced avocado. You could definitely add feta cheese and spinach to this and it would be fantastic. I wanted to make just what Dennis asked for this morning so he could stick with his plan, so my omelet is without those things today.


This is the perfectly healthy breakfast in my mind. No oil or butter was used or needed. The omelet was perfect with a side of blackberries and strawberries and an English muffin, topped with Smart Balance for me.


Have a happy, healthy day!

Ingredients (for one omelet)

egg whites (as much as you’d like)
2 slices turkey bacon
1/2 an avocado sliced


  1. Cook turkey bacon.
  2. Pour egg whites into small skillet and cook over medium until it is firm.
  3. Add chopped turkey bacon to half of the omelet. Fold other half over half with bacon on it.
  4. Remove to pan and top with avocado slices.


Until next time, Kris



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  1. ksloves says:

    I’m not even a fan of eggs but this looks great!

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    1. Thank you so much!


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