Camembert Cheese with Island Salsa and Spiced, Candied Pecans


I love my book club!  We have great discussions about the books we read. Tonight was Neighborhood Book Club, I look forward to our meeting every month.  I asked our wonderful host, Nancy, if there was anything I could bring.  She said “sure, something with an Island flair”.  The book we read and discussed was “The Marriage of Opposites” by Alice Hoffman.  I highly recommend this great read, we all loved it!  The book takes place in St. Thomas and France.  Mostly in St. Thomas, and that is why Nancy requested I bring something with an Island flair.  Perfect, I thought to myself.  I had just bought a jar of Trader Joe’s new Island Salsa and decided to bring something that would incorporate that.  I poured the salsa over Camembert Cheese and sprinkled chopped spicy, candied pecans over the top and served it with crackers.  It made for a very flavorful appetizer.

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