French Toast Waffles


This fine Sunday morning I decided to make “French Toast Waffles”.  This idea came to me last week on one of my morning walks.  I enjoy taking a four mile walk with my dog, Remington, several days a week and that is where I do most of my thinking and contemplating.  It is my most peaceful time of day and I couldn’t live without it.  It’s my happy time, my me time.  Plus, Remington has so much fun and that is super important to me.


My best furry friend relaxing after our walk. We always sit on the patio when we get home.

As I was walking the other day, I wondered what it would be like if I made waffles in my waffle maker and then dipped them in an egg, milk, and vanilla mixture and put them on my griddle to make French Toast out of them. This was a great idea!  I made my waffles from a box mix, added about a teaspoon of vanilla (because, let’s face it, a little vanilla adds a lot of flavor), and a little kosher salt.  I add kosher salt to all my baking.  Just a pinch, that’s all.   After the French toast waffles were done, I put cut up strawberries on top, sprinkled powdered sugar over the waffles, and drizzled maple syrup over the top.  My family loved them, they were really flavorful, so yummy!  Happy Sunday everyone!


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